HCW Series

- 63..90
- 4 poles, Inverter duty
- Δ/Y 230/400V/50Hz
- I.Cl.F ‐ IP69K ‐ IC410 - Duty S1
- Aluminum “Hycleaning”
- Efficiency IE3 (IEC60034‐30, IEC60034‐2‐1)

Aluminum “Hy-Cleaning” motors without ventilation, for food processing, pharmaceutical and other applications requiring extreme cleanliness and frequent washdowns
The aluminum motors HCW are proposed as an alternative to the “twin” HYW series 316L, where there are no extreme conditions require solely a stainless steel solution.
They are used in food, beverage or pharmaceutical production plants where the motors - along with other parts - are often subjected to high pressure water jets (sometimes at high temperatures) or even more aggressive cleaning agents, that on the contrary can cause damage to other kind of motor, or even contaminate the end product.
The HCW range has no cooling fins and it is painted with an innovative “Hy-Cleaning” coating NTT with nano particles, which makes the surface very easy to clean and resistant to major aggressive used in sanitizing.
This means that waste products can be washed away easily leaving no residue and the motor can be used with confidence in food and/or pharmaceutical processing areas. Even the rating plate is laser engraved externally on the rear cover, to reduce potential nesting areas of bacteria.

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