MX Series

- 80..315
- 2, 4, 6 poles
- Δ/Y 230/400V/50Hz (≤112)  Δ400V/50Hz (≥ 132)
- I.Cl.F ‐ IP54 ‐ IC411
- Duty S1 (S3 70% on the nameplate)
- Cast iron casing
- Efficiency IE1 (IEC60034‐30, IEC60034‐2‐1)

Cast iron casing; ball bearings of primary brands, lubricated for life (≤160), with greasers (>160); dynamic balancing of the rotor; stator winding insulation class F, copper wire enamelled in class H, double coat, vacuum resin impregnation, insulation between the phases, low losses lamination; suitability for operation with inverter; painting water-soluble, RAL 9006, unaffected by normal industrial environments and suitable for further finishing with single-compound synthetic paints; IE1 efficiency class.

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