MSG Series

- 63..100
- 2, 4, 6 poles
- Δ/Y 230/400V/50Hz (≤112)  Δ400V/50Hz (≥ 132)
- I.Cl.F ‐ IP55 ‐ IC411 ‐ Duty S1
- Aluminum casing
- magnetic stationary brake, without supply

Die cast aluminum casing, feet mounted on the three sides; ball bearings of primary brands, lubricated for life; dynamic balancing of the rotor; stator winding insulation class F, copper wire enamelled in class H, double coat, vacuum resin inpregnation, insulation between the phases, low losses lamination; suitability for operation with inverter; painting water-soluble, RAL 5010, unaffected by normal industrial environments and suitable for further finishings with single-compound synthetic paints.
Permanent magnet safety brakes without coil, whose action takes place exclusively as a result of the attraction and repulsion of rare earth permanent magnets, allowing the operation without the need for electrical power source.
Particularly suitable for applications with low inertia or partially irreversible (i.e. worm gearmotors), parking brake, electric motors powered by inverter with electric braking action, automatic machines, as alternative to backstop devices.

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